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Погружение по английскому языку в Саяногорске!

Погружение по английскому языку в Саяногорске!

Очередное погружение состоялось в Саяногорске на прошлой неделе! Организатором пятидневного погружения выступил лингвистический центр «Эколь». Алекс Мусази, преподаватель БИЗНЕС-ШКОЛЫ ЛИНК был одним из организаторов погружения. Алекс провел увлекательные занятия для различных групп школьников, разделенных по возрасту. Ребята получили не только массу новых знаний в области английского языка, но и ярких впечатлений. Ребята поделились с нами впечатлениями на английском языке!

It was my first time I went to the Intensive English Courses. And I had a cool teacher Alex! These holidays with Alex were the best for improving my English! I really improved my speaking skills. If I had a chance I would attend these Courses again.

I am very impressed by our English teacher Alex. He is a very interesting and clever man who has a very bright imagination. Time was passing very quickly
with Alex. While we were listening to him we understood everything. His stories were very interesting for us. Five days of enjoying English with Alex was
not enough. We would like to see him again.

I was pleased with his lessons. It was easy to understand him and it was very interesting.

It was very interesting. Alex is a very frank and sociable man. I think he is an accomplished teacher.
Sveta Chirkova.

I felt myself very comfortable during the lessons. I was pleased with my results. I would like to see him again.

I expanded my vocabulary with Alex! I love Alex and want to see him again!

I loved to communicate with Alex. I liked him very much. I miss him.

Alex is very fun and I was interested in talking to him. I miss him. I hope he will come to us next time.

It was very interesting and funny. Alex is very sociable and his explanations were very clear. I miss him.

On these holidays a new English teacher came to our Ecole for teaching us English. His name is Alex. On the third day of our study we went to look at the Yenisey with him and then we went to a pizzeria. We were glad to present him with a small gift at the end of our Course. I think my English has improved.
I could listen to another way of pronunciation. I learnt some new words, I learnt to think in English and it is really important for me and my future job.
I liked Alex because he is a kind teacher. Ht is very smart. Alex is interesting! Our group had fun with him. Now I know that he likes to drink coffee in
the morning. Thank you for your help. Now I can speak good English.

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